The Industry 4.0 is here...

Do you have what it takes to survive this transformation?

History of Industrial Revolutions

Industry Revolution 1.0

The societies of the first industrial revolution started with invention of mechanical production powered by water and steam

Industry Revolution 2.0

The innovations in 1900s with machines powered by electricity and combustion engines led to mass production and assembly line manufacturing

Industry Revolution 3.0

In 1970s the advent of electronics, IT and industrial robotics enhanced production with operations shifting from paper to sophisticated ERP systems

Industry Revolution 4.0

Companies are moving towards a digital supply chain where machines communicate with each other not just within the company but also with extended supply chains

"The business goal of the digital supply chain is to deliver the right product into the customer’s hands as quickly as possible — but also to do so responsively and reliably while increasing efficiency and cutting costs through automation"

Is your digital supply chain mature?

Do you have these winning characteristics?

Integrated planning and execution

Including both suppliers and customers

Predictive analytics of supply chain

Providing support for managerial decision making through advanced data analytics

Procurement 4.0

Material sourcing based on demand as information is transparent to suppliers too

Efficient management of equipment

3D printing eliminates the need to store spare parts for prolonged periods and also enables manufacturing in house

Smart warehousing

Handling inventory through robotic systems with more precise data collection

Visibility into logistics

Seeing the movement of products throughout the entire supply chain

"The first step towards a digital supply chain mandates vertical integration of both Operational Technology and Information Technology. This will enable faster diagnosis and timely resolution of problems at a cross functional level"

IIC Logo

Era of convergence

Since no one company can drive such a massive transformation, the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) was born. The IIC is a group of companies aiming for an open, unified, standards-based and interoperable IIoT solution for deterministic communication between industrial devices and to the cloud.

How can we help?

Kalycito has been at the forefront of enabling this transformative journey for manufacturers like yourself. As part of our sustained effort to provide services in future proof technologies we are also now a member of IIC. This lets us be among the first to be aware of upcoming changes that lead to faster adoption of the OPC-UA TSN communication standards resulting in the unified Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

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Our promise

We offer full stack IT/OT integration service to help you build your interoperable, decentralized and real-time capable systems with fast time to market.

Interoperability Abstract Image


All machines and humans are connected and speak via the same network.

Decentralized Abstract Image


Decisions are made locally by machines themselves leading to global maxima.

Real-Time Capability Abstract Image

Real-Time Capability

Monitoring the process and making the required changes at the very moment rather than waiting for data to be collected and reports generated later.

Our Commitment Towards Continuous Improvement

Kalycito at TSN plugfest

Kalycito showcased applications that demonstrate real-time control and synchronization between different vendor devices at the Industrial Internet Consortium TSN testbed plugfest, 25 Jul 2017 - 26 Jul 2017 in Erbach, Germany.

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